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TellUs Cultures offers to interested persons or institutions actions tailor made to their needs to respond to intercultural challenges.

Are you also active in the intercultural sector or in improving human relations and do you think that our organizations are complementary or do you see opportunities for synergy?

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Since 2017, TellUs Cultures has been working in partnership with the Saint-Denis Centre d’initiatives et de services des étudiants de Saint-Denis (CISED)  in France for students of various origins and the volunteers who support them.

Each month, the TellUs team in the Paris region organizes face-to-face or online intercultural meetings to provide a forum for discussion on selected themes.

For example: the relationship to time, politeness and respect or the relationship to nature.

Testimonials from participants in anonymous evaluations:

“Thank you all for the last TellUs meeting. Thanks to you, we have great encounters and have discussions that help us move forward! ”

“It’s a pleasure for me to be able to participate. I’m learning French, so sharing experiences is great!”

Since 2018, TellUs Cultures has been working with the Lycée Français   (French School) of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The TellUs team in Rio has set up workshops and online intercultural meetings to promote the exchange of experiences around the theme of intercultural diversity.

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This project was developed in coordination with the school administration and the parent’s association  who wanted to facilitate dialogue between the stakeholders of the School (parents, students, teaching and administrative staff).

More than thirty interviews were conducted by TellUs Cultures to collect content and identify the intercultural questions at stake, in order to create tailor-made workshops. This project is supported by a grant from the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Testimonials from participants in anonymous evaluations:

“This is the opportunity to build bridges and discuss the cultures that form the identity of the school”

“Thank you for this very interesting workshop for me who has just arrived in Brazil. It was a good very informative moment ”

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In 2019, during its workshops to fight against food waste, the social company ReBelle   in Romainville, France commissioned TellUs to raise awareness of cultural diversity at the culinary level both concerning the use of ingredients and recipes as well as on ways of sharing meals.

During three days, TellUs introduced the workshops for around 15 parents and children. Together, we discussed and shared intercultural experiences before going to the kitchen and then to the table!

In 2018, TellUs Cultures exhibited intercultural experiences in the multicultural market of Chega Junto , in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This was the opportunity to raise awareness on cultural diversity and to write with passers-by their own intercultural experiences.

exposition Chega Junto au Brésil