Who are we ?

  • Members participate in the actions and / or financing of the association through their membership. Thank you ! Come and join us!
  • Active Members are members who offer their time and skills to coordinate projects, carry out actions and lend a hand, according to their wishes and availability. They tell all about it here.
  • Board Members are members, elected for 3 years, who carry out the vision and missions of the association.
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Members of the Board 2023-2026

ANJU MEHTA– India / Belgium
Strategic Development Advisor - Vastu

For TellUs, I give advice on the strategic development.

What I like the most about TellUs’ work: Beyond our diversity, it is the respect of our natural need to communicate without being judged, it allows us to be proud of our culture while accepting the other’s.

Quote “Achieve your excellence by being yourself


For TellUs, I attend board meetings and advise on decisions.

What I like the most about TellUs’ work: these exchanges that nourish us in the long term, this call for curiosity that creates a virtuous dynamic, and these magical people who make the association.
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Directrice TellUs Cultures

ÉLÉONORE REMY – Dubai/France
Secretary of the Board and Association’s Director

For TellUs, I am in charge of administrative matters, external communication, management of Zoom Cultures, and collecting, validating and translating intercultural experiences.

What I like the most about TellUs’ work: I like the moments of understanding, the encounters and our desire to work respectful of our lives, together and from a distance.

Quote : “Things have a way of working out”

Conseiller en stratégie TellUs Cultures

Co-President and Strategic Development Advisor

For TellUs, I give advice on the strategic Development.

What I like the most about TellUs’ work: the sharing mindset and comprehension of daily events that allow us to better connect to other cultures.
Quote: “Nature make us similar, life distinguishes us” – Confucius

Co-President and Members’ training

For TellUs, I collect and archive intercultural experiences, facilitate workshops and active member’s trainings and update TellUs’ website.

What I like the most about TellUs’ work: meeting inspiring people.
Quote: “Some people move us more than others, probably because, without us even knowing, they carry with them part of what we lack” – Wajdi Mouawad


Pedagogical Advisor

For TellUs, I give advice on the creation of actions and materials as a pedagogical referent.

What I like the most about TellUs’ work: the openness towards diversity, the willingness to listen and the tolerance for others.
Quote: “xxx” –


For TellUs, I am responsible for the Treasury and I participate in the collection, translation and validation of intercultural experiences and in the animation of intercultural actions, in Portuguese and French.

What I like the most about TellUs’ work is realizing how understanding other cultures can have a significant impact on people’s lives.
Quote:Life is the art of encounter, although there is so much mismatch in life. Vinicius de Moraes