We are very happy to have you as a member of TellUs Cultures!

In order to ensure that our collaboration takes place in the best conditions, we ask you to take note of the charter below:

pictogramme terre de dialogue

Our charter

  1. The values of TellUs Cultures guide us in the actions we carry out. They have been highlighted through a participatory process by all active members of the association.
  2. They are:
    • Understanding others
    • Collaborative creation
    • Freedom of expression
    • Open-mindedness
    • Respect for diversity
  3. Please respect the confidentiality of some of the information you receive from the association
  4. When disseminating public material made available by TellUs, please ensure that this is done in accordance with the main objective of the association, which is to promote understanding between cultures
  5. Ensure that you disseminate this information in a caring, non-judgmental manner that respects the opinions and diversity of others and does not promote degrading or offensive language or language that encourages discrimination or racial hatred
  6. If you wish to carry out projects for TellUs Cultures (such as workshops, discussion groups, interviews, dissemination of intercultural experiences (EIC), etc…), please inform the association’s office
  7. In order to remain a member of the Association, please make sure to renew your membership every year

TellUs Cultures is an association subject to the law of July 1st 1901 and the decree of August 16th 1901.

Please remember the following during our workshops:

to steer away from generalizing and focus on specific facts

pictogramme bienveillance

understand each other’s points of view and share our own

pictogramme cadena

to guarantee our names and identities are protected

Photo d'atelier TellUs Cultures au lycée Molière
Intercultural workshop in May 2019 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil