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TellUs Cultures leads actions to improve understanding between cultures. These meetings are spaces of dialogue organized for the members of the association, as well as for institutions, companies or individuals.

All our actions are based on intercultural experiences collected from authors from different cultures. The sharing of personal, real-life experiences invites us to put ourselves in the place of the other.

To get an overview of our actions, we organize a 30-minute online coffee break for you every month.

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TellUs cultures offers:

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Access to a multicultural group

The gatherings organized by the association bring together people from different regions of the world, from different social, professional or other backgrounds.

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A space to share our points of view freely without judgment

In our gatherings, we try to understand the other people’s point of view without judging. This does not mean that we necessarily accept their point of view, but it allows us to form a more informed opinion.

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The development and practice of interpersonal skills

Our actions allow us to practice a greater open-mindedness and a better management of intercultural relations, to contribute to the appeasement of human relations in everyday life.

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A stimulating reflexion on interculturality and the diversity of cultures

Our actions invite us to become aware of our own cultural orientations and to seek explanations to understand and grow from our differences.

Discover a few intercultural experiences by clicking on the images below:

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online cross-cultural workshop
Cross-cultural online workshop