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Individual membership

15 euros

Institutional membership

210 euros

Memberships and donations to the association are collected on the AssoConnect   plateform.

Therefore, by clicking on the “Join Us” or “Donation” buttons you will be redirected to the AssoConnect space of TellUs Cultures.

*** NEW IN 2024 *** To better monitor your memberships and focus on our core mission, we are switching to automatic renewal of your membership. This update will take effect next year and involves some changes for you:

  1. By subscribing today, your membership will be automatically renewed at the end of each 12-month period. In coming years, renewal will be hassle-free for both you and us!
  2. Before each renewal, you’ll receive an email allowing you to cancel your subscription if you no longer wish to renew.
  3. Your subscription lasts for 12 months from the date you join (e.g. if you join on Thursday, November 30th, 2023, your membership is valid until November 29th, 2024).

By becoming a member of the TellUs Cultures association, you support our team in collecting new experiences, exploring explanations, and fostering dialogue through our offerings:

  • 10 months of the year (no meetings in December or August)
  • Currently in English, French, and Portuguese
  • Online videoconferencing and in-person (e.g. in France or the United Arab Emirates)

To find the right event for you (or request one), please check our website’s events calendar.

 An individual membership (one person) costs 15 euros. Institutional memberships (legal entities like associations, companies, etc.) cost 210 euros. You can also donate any amount at any time if you wish. Both membership types are valid for 12 months and provide access to:

  • Monthly discussions to discover intercultural experiences from our collection
  • Discounted rates on our training and workshops
  • A vote at the General Assembly (Monday, March 18, 2024)
  • Anthropology training with the Ethnoart association in Paris (France), depending on availability (individual memberships only)

By joining TellUs Cultures, you confirm your agreement with our By-Laws (.pdf) and the association’s Charter. You can download the By-Laws in English below.


If the amount of the membership (15 euros for individuals and 210 euros for institutions) impedes your subscription, do let us know. There is a solution and we want to meet you!