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Comparing Politeness

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A Comorian student annoyed by French politeness

The Experience

“Where I come from, when you ask for something or when you thank someone, politeness is implicit. When I say ” pass me this glass” it’s understood that I’m saying “please” and that I respect you, otherwise I wouldn’t be having a drink with you… The French say I’m rude when I say ” pass me this glass” without adding please behind. But the ones I find really rude here are the kids! The other day, my niece who’s growing up in France, replied “leave me alone” when I tried to talk to her, and another time, she took the remote control and changed the channel without asking me. I find this really rude!”

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Who's Telling the Story?

Navigateur solidaire is a Comorian student in education at the University Paris 8 and poet. He has been living in France since 2009.

Place : Sartrouville, France
Date : 2016

What do You Think?

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Have you ever been shocked by standards of politeness that seemed disrespectful to you?

This intercultural experience questions you?

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