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The Experience

« So I found one ecotourism company who offers tours with bikes. Bikes and Hikes LA. We did West Hollywood and Beverly Hills by bike. I should have known « hills » meant “climbing » and with the heat, it was quite tough. My daughter Emilia got sick and had to take electrolytes; and my bike chain fell of twice, but it was worth the effort and the money.

And do you know why there aren’t any hospitals and cemeteries in Beverly Hills? Because its residents or visitors shouldn’t be reminded of their mortality… As if one could avoid that?!! I was shocked. »

Place Shared on Facebook from Los Angeles, California, USA

Date 2016

Who Talks

Since she moved to California, Nathalie has set upThis Way to LA, that offers walks in the city (and outside) in collaboration with Via Americana, an organization she created with three other Belgian women, guides in the US and the logical next step avec Istanbul Privé, that she ran when living in Turkey.